Overcast Attending DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022

Overcast DPP Leaders' Briefing 2022 London #LB2022

DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022

London is calling! 700 innovators from the media and technology industries are getting together to spark ideas on 16 and 17 November. We wouldn’t miss it for the world! 

The DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022 is a conference and networking event that brings suppliers and content providers together to share insights, develop relationships and create new business opportunities.

“No other industry event provides so much focused insight in one place, all tailored to suppliers and content providers.”

DPP CEO Mark Harrison

Who is speaking at DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022?

There will be plenty of fascinating speakers there, including BT Sport’s Andy Beale, Vice’s Tim Bertioli, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Caroline Brown, PA Media’s Pete Clifton, Sky’s Cristina Gomila, BBC’s Sinead Greenaway, A+E Networks’ Julie Mitchelmore and Matt Westrup, ITN’s Jon Roberts, and RTÉ’s Richard Waghorn.

Definitely no risk of dozing off during these fab talks! 

Where can you find Overcast at DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022?

We’ll be in our favourite haunt: the Startup Zone. Here, you can meet industry innovators and strategic partners. We will be in good company, as you can see below:

DPP Leaders' Briefing 2022 London Overcast

Meet us in London

Two key members of Overcast’s team — COO George Kilpatrick and Customer Success Manager Robert Duffill — will be at the DPP Leaders’ Briefing 2022, 155 Bishopsgate, London. They would be delighted to meet you and have a chat about how to manage video more easily and cost-effectively. Just click here to register, and email info@overcasthq.com to book at meeting with us. See you in London!

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