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  • Managing hundreds of terabytes of storage on premise was unmanageable and expensive.
  • Collaborating with major advertisers on Youtube, Dropbox and Vimeo caused serious branding issues.
  • Valuable dailies files were lost due to lack of a searchable database.
  • Scaling into foreign markets was difficult without multi-format transcodes.


  • Create an unlimited storage facility based on OPEX to be able to recharge clients.
  • Deploy a CMS solution that is white labelled to avoid branding issues.
  • Create a searchable database of metadata and comments with all versions of a video.
  • Allow for instant formatting into pre-configured formats.

Overcast Solution

  • Unlimited storage is standard and can be managed on a project by project basis.
  • White labeling the platform is standard.
  • Search and Filters work for all metadata including standard fields and comments.
  • Preset formats allows less technical account directors to distribute content without assistance.

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