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Large Content Owner


  • Video files stored on different premises without a shared drive
  • Collaborating done on emails – collating multiple stakeholder comments and trying to keep a log of changes to different versions
  • Valuable content unsecured (no backup) and often lost or deleted


  • A single cloud storage facility and CMS needed for efficiency
  • APIs to be able to integrate new technologies and microservices as and when they become available
  • Collaboration tools capable of incorporating video and available on mobile devices
  • Scalable archive and back up
  • Security for licenced content

Overcast Solution

  • Overcast helps to consolidate tech stacks – with one client we replaced 9 platforms (including Dropbox, WeTransfer, Youtube) and created a “single point of truth” for the distribution of their content
  • Collaboration is core to all video creation. We optimise the platform for all devices allowing teams to work remotely on time sensitive content
  • Low cost archive with flexible tiers (6 in all) allows for all content to be migrated to a secure cloud

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