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We’re going to Vegas, baby!

OK – so last year we went to Las Vegas as a start-up flogging our wares in the North Hall of the NAB Show. At that point, we’d had very little exposure in the US.

How things change in a year! (Thanks and credit due to the team at Sprockit for helping us get started on our journey.)

This year we are starting off in the Aria Resort at Avid Connect on 6-7 April where we will be demonstrating our latest integration with the premier editing solution in the world. Overcast’s Collaboration, Review and Approval application recently went live on the Avid platform and there are global media companies taking on our unique workflow solution.

But the good news doesn’t end there!

At NAB Show 2019 (April 8-11) in the Las Vegas Convention Center we will be co-sited for 4 days with AWS – yes that’s right, Amazon selected us as their tech partner to join them in Las Vegas. They are expecting 100,000 Film, Video and TV experts and engineers from around the world to descend on the conference. Should be a blast.

Why not book a meeting with us – or you can just drop by. Either way, if you want to know what is new, exciting and even (dare I say) disruptive, then drop by SU2202 to find out how we plan to change the face of video asset management (with the aid of our good friends at Amazon, of course.)

Hope to see you there.


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